BRANDchise is designed for brand owners, their marketing managers, and their legal counsel. It assesses your brand’s attractiveness to prospective customers, and pinpoints any risks to brand reputation and financial value. Equally importantly, it identifies any current risks of trade-mark infringement and depreciation that can threaten the value of the business.

BRANDchise evaluates the following key factors:

Our research methods are cost-effective, integrated, and tailored to each assessment. Quality controls ensure that all research is sufficient as expert evidence, if necessary, in the event of legal dispute. These methods may include:


BRANDchise is customized to your specific business needs and offers three optional components:


Documents and Values the Intellectual Property of your Brand

A systematic identification of your brand’s rights, protection mechanisms, documented corporate strategies, and potential financial value.

A BrandAudit produces an important and practical management document that:

Brand Distinction

Measures the reputation and distinctiveness of your brand by creating a scorecard of the following factors:

Through market measurement tools, Brand Distinction produces a scorecard of the following factors:

These measurements are extremely valuable for marketing plans, and any future trade-mark / dispute negotiation or litigation.


Monitors the social buzz and 3rd party usage of your brand to generate “early warning signals” of threats.

A weekly or monthly report provides prompt notification of the following:


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. BRANDchise is a tool to build on your tried-and-true formula for success. It gives you the opportunity to proactively manage your brand and reputation, and address threats before they take shape.

BRANDchise assists management, corporate counsel, and the board of directors to meet the strategic goals of the company. It uncovers today’s risks and provides relevant information to attracting acustomers. It also helps establish a process of documenting essential information for the ongoing protection of your brand.

Above all, BRANDchise offers practical, common-sense reporting, with action-oriented recommendations for your brand’s growth and protection.