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CorbinPartners’ award-winning research on expert evidence featured in Forensic Engineering blog

The research program ‘Breaking the Expert Evidence Logjam: Experts Weigh In’, led by Ruth cartoon porn videos Corbin, was recently published in the Annual Review of Civil Litigation and subsequently won an MRIA Award of Excellence. It has now been featured in the blog of forensic engineering expert Eric Jorden.   Titled “The two solitudes of expert services”, the blog compares expert services designed to effectively serve the judicial naked celebs process vs. those of fringe experts whose principal loyalty is to the lawyers who engage them.

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Dr. Ruth Corbin to chair panel at 2018 AIPPI World Congress in Cancun

Dr. Ruth Corbin will be moderating a panel at the AIPPI World Congress on September 25th in Cancun on international gold standards for survey evidence.  She is being joined by judges from China and the UK, a regulator from the European IP Office, and a recognized European survey expert.  The session: “Surveying the field – A gold standard for survey evidence” will provide valuable background for a possible mobile teen porn AIPPI resolution on standards for survey evidence in trademark disputes, including issues of confusion, parasitism/dilution and acquired distinctiveness.

 CorbinPartners wins MRIA Award of Excellence for Best Multi-Stakeholder Research 

CorbinPartners was honoured to receive the Award of Excellence for Best Multi-Stakeholder Research by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association.  The award recognizes outstanding collaboration among multiple stakeholders in a manner that enhances the value of research outcomes.  CorbinPartners received the award jointly with Smart & Biggar in recognition of research evidence for the Federal Court in the matter of the Captain Morgan brand of rum.  According to the MRIA, the decision is regarded as having turned the tide in the resurgent use of survey research in Canadian courts.  As noted in an IP column by Dan Bereskin, a founding partner of Bereskin & Parr LLP, “The Court evidently was persuaded by survey evidence…


Welcome To celebrity porn CorbinPartners Inc.

CorbinPartners Inc. is an established provider of precise and reliable business intelligence, statistical measurement, and forensic market research. Our studies support Canadian and international corporations, boards of directors, and governments. CorbinPartners’ work products form part of essential due diligence for high-stakes business decisions, risk analysis, regulatory matters, negotiation and litigation.

We are well-known for our specialty practice in intellectual property research, including measurements of brand perception, copyright/trade-mark naked celebrities valuation, and advertising impacts.

Our recognized deliverables include expert survey evidence, Canada’s most comprehensive guidelines for comparative advertising and competitive claim testing, BRANDchise management tools for franchise propecia online owners, and long-term tracking studies of customer experience.


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