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Ruth Corbin article published in Fall 2017 issue of The Trademark Reporter

The September-October, naked celebrities 2017 issue of The Trademark Reporter (TMR) includes an article co-authored by CorbinPartners’ chair Ruth Corbin, entitled “Internet Surveys in Intellectual Property Litigation: Doveryai, No Proveryai”. This article presents guidelines for responding to the criticism of using an Internet survey methodology and proposes standards for use by the courts as expert evidence.

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CorbinPartners’ hentai porno introducing “Bitcoin Sentiment Index”

CorbinPartners is gearing up for its 2018 launch of the inaugural Canadian “Bitcoin Sentiment Index”. This innovative study will provide a benchmark for future tracking of Bitcoin naked celebs supply and demand indicators over time. It’s based on our award-winning study of Canadian Bitcoin merchants and upcoming assessment with early consumer adopters.  For more information, including findings from our 2017 pilot study, click here.

Ruth Corbin celeb gossip article published in 2017 Annual Review of Civil Litigation

The 2017 Annual Review of Civil Litigation, edited by Justice Todd Archibald, includes an article co-authored by Dr. Ruth Corbin, Chair of CorbinPartners Inc, entitled “ Disputes over Parental Care when the Dutiful Child Wants to Be Paid”. The innovative article focuses on compensation issues related to caregivers of the elderly or infirm, and how fair reimbursement has been determined in courts across Canada.  The article expands the application of valuation principles historically used for resolving intellectual property disputes.

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Welcome To CorbinPartners Inc.

CorbinPartners Inc. is an established provider of precise and reliable business intelligence, statistical measurement, and forensic market research. Our studies support Canadian and international corporations, boards of directors, and governments. CorbinPartners’ work products form part of essential due diligence for high-stakes business decisions, risk analysis, regulatory matters, negotiation and litigation.

We are well-known for our specialty practice in intellectual property research, including measurements of brand cartoon porn videos perception, copyright/trade-mark valuation, and advertising impacts.

Our recognized deliverables include expert survey evidence, Canada’s most comprehensive guidelines for propecia online comparative advertising and competitive claim testing, BRANDchise management tools for franchise owners, and long-term tracking studies of mobile teen porn customer experience.


The vision for CorbinPartners Inc. is to be the country’s most trusted provider of precise and reliable market intelligence, directly focused on reducing risk and facilitating action. The company will be the showcase for professionals of extraordinary marketing and measurement talent, whom clients view as valuable partners in their pursuit of competitive advantage. It will maintain its leadership position not only by what it knows but by what it learns.