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Ruth Corbin speaks at Canadian Institute’s Advertising and Marketing Law event

Dr. Ruth Corbin was a featured speaker at the Canadian Institute’s 21st Annual Advertising and Marketing Law program in Toronto. Dr. Corbin’s session titled “Evidence and Comparative Testing”  included McMillan LLP’s James Musgrove. The session dealt with adequate and proper testing, as well as what might hold up in court.

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Second edition of Canadian Trade-Mark Law Benchbook now available

The second edition of the Canadian Trade-Mark Law Benchbook is now available through Carswell publishers. Edited by Donald M. Cameron of Bereskin & Parr, the book contains chapters by several senior and well-regarded Intellectual Property lawyers. The chapter on Surveys and other Marketplace Evidence is authored by Dr. Ruth M. Corbin, with editorial review by members of the Litigation Resource Committee of the MRIA.

Dr. Corbin featured in MRIA’s Vue Magazine

Ruth Corbin graces the cover of Vue Magazine with her featured article “What’s the Name of the Claim”, a primer on claim types, with case examples and tips to minimize risk. Click here to read the article.


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CorbinPartners Inc. is an established provider of precise and reliable business intelligence, statistical measurement, and forensic market research. Our naked celebrities studies support Canadian and international corporations, boards of directors, and governments. CorbinPartners’ work products form part of essential due diligence for high-stakes business decisions, risk analysis, regulatory matters, negotiation and litigation.

We are well-known for our specialty practice in intellectual property research, including measurements of brand perception, copyright/trade-mark valuation, and advertising impacts.

Our recognized deliverables include propecia online expert survey evidence, Canada’s most comprehensive guidelines for comparative advertising and competitive claim testing, BRANDchise management Asian Porn tools for franchise owners, and long-term tracking studies of customer experience (including the Online Banking naked celebs scorCard™).

The vision for CorbinPartners Inc. is to be the country’s most trusted provider of precise and reliable market intelligence, directly focused on reducing risk and facilitating action. The company will be the showcase for professionals of extraordinary marketing and measurement talent, whom clients view as valuable celeb gossip partners in their pursuit of competitive advantage. It will maintain its leadership position not only by what it knows but by what it learns.