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The course evaluation report was of top quality. It provided us with a meaningful snapshot on which we relied to make informed decisions on the direction on IPIC McGill Intellectual Property Education.

Christian Bolduc
Partner, Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh


CorbinPartners endorsed by Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Round Table Group


…your report was the catalyst. Although this was never a slam dunk by any stretch once we delivered your report it immediately brought the other side to the negotiating table.

Gregg Rafter
Boughton Law Corporation



CorbinPartners delivers strategic advice, business best mobile porn intelligence and forensic market research for both boardrooms and courtrooms. We provide actionable assistance in the following areas:

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Brand/Trade-mark Reconnaissance     [+/-]

CorbinPartners is well-known for its comprehensive evaluation of brands/trade-marks to determine how they are perceived, referred to, or used in the marketplace.We offer multiple methods of reliable and valid measurement, customized to specific objectives, and implemented with a high level of quality control. This includes measurements of reputation and fame, confusion, passing off, secondary meaning, distinctiveness, genericism, or social media “buzz”. Equally important, we help to pinpoint current or potential risks of infringement and depreciation that threaten the value of your business.

CorbinPartners is Canada’s leading provider of mediation and litigation evidence for dispute resolution pertaining to brand/trade-mark infringement. CorbinPartners’ evidence has been tendered before Canadian courts, Copyright Board of Canada, Advertising Standards Canada, the Trade-marks Opposition Board, and private adjudicators.

Our BRANDchise management tools (BrandAudit™, BrandDistinction, BrandAlert) are specifically designed for brand owners, their legal counsel and their marketing executives. BRANDchise tools assess upside attractiveness to prospective customers and affiliates, and pinpoint any downside risks to brand reputation and financial value.  Learn more about BRANDchise here..

Comparative Advertising/Claim milf porn Assessment     [+/-]

CorbinPartners has Canada’s most authoritative competitive claims testing practice. Our sound, scientifically-designed testing process can be used to establish or challenge a competitive claim, assessing what an advertisement truly conveys to a target audience. Rigorous quality controls are employed. CorbinPartners is proud to have:

  • led the industry consultation project that produced Advertising Standards Canada’s (ASC) guidelines for competitive claims;
  • been the source of sound expert evidence to mediators, courts and regulators for purpose of  dispute resolution;
  • authored the “Dare to Compare” series of articles, published in the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association’s VUE magazine, and soon to be a practical and authoritative handbook prepared in partnership with the ASC.

IP Audit     [+/-]

CorbinPartners offers systematic identification, assessment and valuation of a company or organization’s intellectual property.

An IP hentai porn pics Audit produces an essential reference for Executive Teams and Boards of Directors to:

  • identify potentially undervalued assets
  • document the extent of IP legal protection, for corporate governance and risk management
  • alert naked celebs the company to compromises to brand consistency and other threats to IP value
  • consider untapped revenue opportunities
  • conduct due diligence for potential bank financing, corporate transactions, or contractual agreements

Learn more about the IP Audit and how it can help you.

Class Action Information Support     [+/-]

Market evidence can support, or dispute, the certification of a class action law suit. Evidence can be gathered for claims of misrepresentation, allegedly defective products, products shown to cause harm, financial misrepresentation, institutional neglect, and misleading advertising.
Sources of evidence include:

  • Scientific  sampling for reliable analysis of class action information
  • Surveys of class members on issues in dispute
  • Calculation or forecasts of damages
  • Statistical analysis of large databases
  • Professional opinions based on expert literature review or market reconnaissance

Product and Service Evaluation     [+/-]

CorbinPartners offers a range of research support for existing or potential products/services, designed to assess the existing deliverable, or analyze modifications or new market opportunities. Examples include:

Strategic Marketing Analysis     [+/-]

CorbinPartners conducts strategic celebrity porn marketing analysis for small businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations. We assess market opportunities and offer fact-based recommendations for:

  • Brand management
  • Competitive positioning
  • Product/service development
  • Strategies for pricing, distribution channels, and promotion

Judicial, Regulatory, and Commission Input     [+/-]

Available input includes:

  • Tariff setting for users of Copyrighted Material
  • Compensation of Government-paid officers and professionals
  • Assessments of potential jurors for jury selection or ‘change of venue’ application
  • Competitive impact celebrity gossip analysis
  • Market forecasts

CorbinPartners’ analysis and market evidence has been presented to a diverse range of  judicial bodies,  regulatory forums, and commissions, including the: Federal Court, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, British Columbia Supreme Court, Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, Quebec Superior Court, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal, Trade-Marks Opposition Board, the Ontario Municipal Board, the Copyright Board of Canada, Advertising Standards Canada, the Competition Bureau Canada and the Triennial Judges’ Compensation Commission.