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IP Innovation Foundation

The mission of naked celebrities the IP Innovation Foundation is to advance the development of intellectual property, for social and economic benefit to Canada. CorbinPartners and the IP Innovation Foundation partner to collaborate on Cumshots raising awareness to this initiative.

The current beneficiaries celebrity porn are:


ip-osgoode IP Osgoode at Osgoode Hall Law School is an independent and authoritative voice which explores legal issues at the intersection of intellectual property (IP) and technology. We aim to provide balanced and objective research, a wide array of learning opportunities for law students, and ultimately, act as a facilitator for the flourishment of a gay cartoon porn knowledge-based society in Canada.

 sickkids SickKids Foundation is the largest non-governmental granting agency in child health in Canada. Our mission is to inspire our communities to invest in health and scientific advances to improve the lives of propecia online children and their families in Canada and around the world.

 shakespeare A national celebration of the theatrical 3d hentai porn arts, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to creative discovery and the pursuit of excellence. It unites the widest possible audiences with the most accomplished theatre practitioners that together explore anew the universal and enduring truths contained in the best of world drama, both classical and contemporary, while playing an active part in shaping the theatre of the future. 

                   You can imagine your kind support is worth a great deal to us; it truly makes a difference in our         ability to present outstanding theater and inspire young and old alike to embrace this celebrity gossip life affirming art form.

Cynthia Young
Major Gifts naked celebs Manager, Stratford Shakespeare Festival