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Survey Evidence – 2012 Year in Review

CorbinPartners annually catalogues references to survey evidence in decisions by Canadian courts and regulators related to intellectual property and other legal matters. This year’s review includes other sources of marketplace research, including social media, which are part of the new reality of social science expert evidence. Click here to read the 2012 Year in Review of Survey Evidence.

CorbinPartners published in Intellectual Property Journal

CEO Ruth Corbin and Project Manager Fiona Isaacson examine the expansion of marketplace evidence beyond surveys and the principle of “convergent validity” in their article “Surveys on a Tightrope – the Convergent Validity Net.” Click here to read the article.

CorbinPartners powers Surviscor’s 2012 Online Banking scorCard and Mobile Banking scorCard

Each scorCard is a comprehensive and objective assessment of features and functionality among Canada’s major banking institutions. RBC Royal Bank ranked #1 in this year’s online banking study, and CIBC secured the top spot in the mobile banking version. Click here for more information.

The Court of Public Opinion

“The Court of Public Opinion” media column


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