Corbin Partners



Even at the bidding stage, CorbinPartners demonstrated an understanding of and passion for our project that was unrivalled among a very competitive field of bidders. Their commitment, enthusiasm and flexibility throughout what was a complex, national and multi- stakeholder project inspired great confidence and delivered a very successful result. Ruth, Fiona and Jon made every effort to help us get what we needed and for that we thank them and recommend them without hesitation.

Colin Lachance
President and CEO, Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)



Distinct quantitative and qualitative methods are available for the celeb news collection of facts and evidence.  The choice of best methodology is tailored to clients’ unique requirements.

Evidence collection is typically governed by the “scientific method”: null hypothesis, hypothesis testing, quantitative analysis, and statistical inference. Although no one research method is ever perfect, CorbinPartners uses the most fitting elements in designing studies. Alternative methods may also be incorporated to test or demonstrate the “convergent validity” of research conclusions.  Where research is to be used as expert evidence, the Supreme Court standards of reliability and validity are explicitly addressed.

CorbinPartners’ research is conducted with quality controls that meet or exceed the standards set by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA). CorbinPartners is a Gold Seal corporate member of the MRIA and follows ASC standards of surveys. Geographically, CorbinPartners is available for projects throughout Canada and the United States.

Research methods may include any of the following (or a combination of):

Surveys and hentai tentacle porn Interviewing

  • In-Depth / One-on-one in-person interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • In-person / Internet / Mail / Mobile / Telephone Surveys
  • Evaluation forms (for courses and conferences)

Database design and analysis

  • Statistical analysis of large data bases, with user-friendly, illustrated summaries
  • Royalty calculations for celebrity nude copyright tariffs
  • Analysis of trends and predictors, naked celebrities with “what-if” calculations
  • Split-sample reliability tests (to analyze whether results are replicated over different conditions)
  • Market trend analysis

Social Media and Internet milf porn reconnaissance

  • Social media monitoring (analyzed with statistical rigour and measured on a historical or future basis)
  • Statistical internet analysis (including capture of cartoon porn comics historical information where available)

Documented Investigations Latina Porn and Market Intelligence

  • Audits of intellectual property customer experience mobile porn tube and features/functionality
  • Mystery-shopping
  • Competitive intelligence gathering and analysis
  • Media content propecia online analysis
  • Expert celebrity porn literature reviews