About Corbin Forensics

The Legacy Practice of Corporate Transitions since 1994

Originally incorporated as Decision Resources Inc. in 1994, the company systematically built a market intelligence practice from its Bay Street offices, serving corporations, governments, and courts of law.  Forensic market research was at the time in its infancy in Canada.  Decision Resources Inc. customized templates used elsewhere in the world for Canadian practice, and published guidance on standards for scientific expert evidence.

The company was acquired by Kroll in 1999, and Ruth Corbin became President of Kroll Canada, and a Managing Director of Kroll Worldwide.  A management buyback took place in 2001, when Kroll Decision Resources became CorbinPartners Inc.

CorbinPartners Inc. thrived for the next 20 years as Canada’s leading provider of expert evidence for Boardrooms and Courtrooms.  During that period, it won fourteen “Best-in-Class” research awards from the national industry association, including awards for collaborative projects with other companies, pro bono projects for charitable institutions, and expert evidence projects for courts of law.  The company’s executive team was invited by Advertising Standards Canada to lead the authorship of practice guidelines for Canadian advertisers and advertising researchers on matters of “comparative” advertising, and by the Market Research and Intelligence Association to lead the authorship of the national Code of Conduct for market researchers.

In 2022 CorbinPartners Inc. separated its practice areas.  Corbin Forensics now houses the intellectual property for thirty years of expert evidence precedents, research, publications, and educational content.  Corbin Forensics is led by Dr. Ruth M. Corbin, with the support of a superior administrative team, and longstanding field partners in the international research sector.