Awards & Accolades

CorbinPartners has been a Gold Seal member of the Market Research and Intelligence Association, awarded to "best-practice" firms, and a thirteen-time winner of its Annual Best-in-Class Research Awards.  

CorbinForensics endorsed by Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Round Table Group


Corbin Forensics professionals have been recognized as Canadian leaders in forensic market research and business risk intelligence.

Corbin Forensics' quality controls meet or exceed published international standards. Our dedication and track record have attracted awards and recognition in the categories of public policy impact, innovation, entrepreneurship, pro-bono contributions, industry leadership, and knowledge transfer programs.


(L-R): Chair Dr. Ruth Corbin holds the Best Integration Award and the Public Policy Impact Award given to CorbinForensics at the MRIA Excellence in Research Awards; Ruth Corbin honoured as one of Canada’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs by PROFIT Magazine; accepting MRIA Awards of Excellence on behalf of the Department of Justice and Mount Sinai Hospital for projects managed by CorbinForensics Inc.


CRIC Membership

Corbin Forensics was an inaugural member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), an association acting as the standard -bearer for quality research, and who uphold the best-practice professional standards consistent with those of ESOMAR, an international standards-setting body. 

Industry Recognition and Awards

2021:  “A terrific article, Ruth.   We are always delighted to showcase your eloquent work.”

Justice Todd Archibald, Editor-in-Chief of the Annual Review of Civil Litigation, (as per publisher’s description, “regularly cited by the appellate courts across Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada”)

2017 Best Multi-Stakeholder Research Award MRIA

(Presented 2018)
Awarded for outstanding collaboration among multiple stakeholders in a manner that enhances the value of research outcomes. Corbin Partners and Smart & Biggar jointly received this award in recognition of research evidence for the Federal Court in the matter of the Captain Morgan brand of rum. The decision is regarded by many as having turned the tide in the resurgent use of survey research in Canadian courts.

2017 Murray Philp Altruism Award

MRIA (Presented 2018)
Awarded jointly with the Canadian Institute for the pro-bono research program and panel presentation titled “Breaking the Expert Evidence Logjam: Experts Weigh In”, which documented the gaps between the perceptions of experts who have testified in court and the published views of judges and writers of legal commentary. The Award presentation recognized the significance of the project to dispute resolution by triers of fact, through access to objective, reliable and valid expert evidence. The results of the study were subsequently published in the Annual Review of Civil Litigation.

2016 MRIA Fellowship

CorbinPartners Chair, Dr. Ruth Corbin, was named a Fellow of the MRIA for distinguished career contributions. Among the significant citations in the nomination was Ruth’s contribution to the development of forensic market research in Canada. The fellowship process is a rigorous nomination and election process, and is the highest honour the MRIA bestows on its members.

2015 Murray Philp Altruism Award

MRIA (Presented 2016)
Awarded for market research completed on a pro-bono basis that contributes positively to the individual, group or community beneficiaries of the organization’s work. CorbinPartners received this award in recognition of its study “The Bitcoin Revolution”, which analyzed digital currency and its interaction with Canadian businesses.

2014 Public Policy Impact Award

MRIA (Presented 2015)
Awarded for a research project with demonstrable public policy impact. CorbinPartners and its client Questrade Wealth Management received this award for a market reconnaissance study that resulted in a game-changing regulatory decision related to automated investment services.

2013 letter of appreciation from Cassels Brock and Blackwell

Formal letter of appreciation from Cassels Brock and Blackwell, commending “your assistance and the affidavit evidence which you prepared [being] instrumental to assisting the court to decipher the survey opinions which had been filed by the applicants.” [View Letter]

2013 Murray Philp Altruism Award

MRIA (Presented 2014)
CorbinPartners and its client Legal Aid Ontario received this award in recognition of its study on “The Elusive Client of Modest Means”. The study provided guidance on revising criteria for Legal Aid assistance.

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