About Us

What we do

CorbinForensics Inc. conducts market research, intellectual property valuations, and expert literature reviews for Canadian and international corporations and law firms.  It has Canada’s leading specialty practice in research support for dispute resolution, in the context of litigation, regulatory decisions, arbitration or mediation.

We deliver information products and strategic advice, in order to:

CorbinForensics's research designs have stood up to the toughest scrutiny in boardrooms and courtrooms. Our company standards consistently exceed industry practice standards, and address the stringent demands of corporate “due diligence” and legal evidence. Reports and presentations emphasize the meaning and use of information and are presented with a lively user-friendly communication style customized to clients’ needs.

CorbinForensics Inc., through its predecessor CorbinPartners, has worked with every major national law firm in Canada. Its evidence has been tendered before the following:

The company has provided business intelligence and decision support to leading firms in every major sector of the economy including Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Enterprise Technology, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Retail, Telecommunications, and Transportation.

Mission Statement

The vision for CorbinForensics Inc. is to be the country’s most trusted provider of precise and reliable market intelligence, directly focused on reducing risk and facilitating decisions. The company will be the showcase for professionals of extraordinary marketing and measurement talent, whom clients view as valuable partners in their pursuit of competitive advantage. It will maintain its leadership position not only by what it knows but by what it learns.