Chair's Message

COVID has put science in the spotlight.  Policy-makers, CEO’s, judges and leaders in every field are called upon to make far-reaching decisions based on facts, measurement, and testing.   We commend their courage.

The pandemic motivates CorbinForensics to double-down on the quality of what we continue to do:  collect facts, conduct measurements, and perform tests.   The Supreme Court of Canada’s guidance on criteria for scientific evidence remains universally applicable.  Trustworthy evidence requires adherence to demonstrated standards of “reliability”, “validity” and “relevance.”   COVID hasn’t changed those essential scientific principles--except to magnify their importance in making well-grounded decisions in every facet of business and law.        

The pandemic has also brought into sharp focus the diversity of views, needs, experience, and reactions in the population.  People report perceiving life differently than they did before.  Many have shed old views, and changed their future plans.  It is implausible for any decision-maker, judge or politician to predict the perceptions of “the average consumer in 2020” based on intuition or personal experience.     

CorbinForensics professionals provide essential, objective evidence for high-stakes decision-making.  Effective decision-making, in both boardrooms and courtrooms, needs a bedrock of facts and measurement.   Wisdom through science.    

Ruth M. Corbin, ICD.D., Ph.D, LL.D