Distinct quantitative and qualitative methods are available for the collection of facts and evidence.  The choice of best methodology is tailored to clients’ unique requirements.

Evidence collection is typically governed by the “scientific method”: null hypothesis, hypothesis testing, quantitative analysis, and statistical inference. Although no one research method is ever perfect, CorbinForensics uses the most fitting elements in designing studies. Alternative methods may also be incorporated to test or demonstrate the “convergent validity” of research conclusions.  Where research is to be used as expert evidence, the Supreme Court standards of reliability, validity and relevance are explicitly addressed.

CorbinForensics’ research is conducted with quality controls that meet or exceed the standards set by the the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC). 

Research methods may include any of the following (or a combination of):

Surveys and Interviewing

Database design and analysis

Social Media and Internet reconnaissance

Documented Investigations and Market Intelligence